Gas stations with good lighting are safer for customers and have a nicer atmosphere overall. Many studies have demonstrated that a driver’s decision regarding a gas station on the road is significantly influenced by lighting.

It is important to take into account all aspects of gas station lighting, such as ambient lighting, canopy lighting, and lighting for convenience stores. Beneath the canopy, 400 lux of illumination is adequate for the ground. The air pump should also have a vertical illumination of 150 lux, according to recommendations. Light levels at gas station entrances and exits must be at least 10 lux. A light intensity of 150 lux is adequate in the region where the canopy and the store connect.

It would be ideal to maintain light levels of 30 lux or higher in retail and gas station settings
Gas station lighting what's a good design

Gas stations’ environments will become safer and more appealing if they have good illumination. Also, it will encourage customers to stay longer and make more purchases at the petrol station. Products may appear more appealing if store areas have decent lighting. This will have a big impact on the preferences of store visitors.

Outside lighting options for gas station lighting include canopy lights and street lights, while internal lighting options include LED panels, downlights, and linear lights. Use of waterproof lighting is advised when washing the car.

At a petrol station, using a lighting control system will aid in energy conservation.

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