How Much Does It Cost to Run the Lights in a Football Stadium? We could be interested in learning how much it will cost to operate stadium lights while making plans to buy new ones or swap out old HID lights. This is because, after being bought and installed, this is what the lights will ultimately cost. The cost of operating football field lights could increase by more than 5 to 10 times if you purchase the incorrect lighting equipment. This is due to the fact that each type of light has a unique luminous efficiency, also known as energy efficiency. We can reduce the cost of running the electricity for stadium lights by being aware of the various stadium lights.

How much does it cost to run the football stadium lights?

Let’s start by taking a look at an illustration of a standard spectator football stadium. Using 16 units of 1000 watt LED football floodlights, assuming the average electricity consumption of football field floodlights is roughly 16,000 watts. The cost to operate the football field lights is $19.2 per day or 16,000 watts x 8 hours x $0.15 x 1000. Therefore, the cost of power if we operated the lights on a recreational football or soccer field for 8 hours each day would be roughly $19.20, or $576 per month. 

This is the ongoing expense for LED lighting, keep in mind. The operating costs will be significantly greater if we utilize halogen or metal halide lighting.

For instance, to get the same brightness, we would require around 35,000 watts of metal halide lamps, so operating the stadium’s lighting would cost $35,000 watts x 8 hours x $0.15 x 1000 = $42 per day, or $1,260 per month. As a result, we can save roughly $8,208 in annual operating costs, or $1,260 – $576 = $684, by replacing the football field lights with LEDs. The running costs of football field lights can be reduced by up to $8,208 over a 35-year period, or $287,280, by using Yibai LED Lighting’s stadium lights.

How much does it cost to run the lights in a football stadium
Type of football fieldsDaily running cost of LED football field lightsMonthly running cost (LED)Annual running cost (LED)Annual running cost (Metal halide)
Amateur or recreational football field$19.2$576$6,900$15,000
High school football stadium$36$1,080$12,960$28,300
Professional stadium (e.g. FIFA stadium)$240$7,200$86,400$189,000

According to the table above, the difference in annual operating costs for lighting in football stadiums amounts to roughly $100,000 in the most extreme scenario. Since LED football lights are a very energy-efficient light source, we can illuminate the entire stadium with less watts, which leads to considerable energy usage reductions and related cost reductions. We should utilize LED lights because we can spend less money doing so.

The cost of operating the stadium lighting system will be the main expense associated with employing football stadium lighting, therefore we may also be interested in learning about that. Although metal halide lights are marginally less expensive than LED lights, we cannot disregard the fact that metal halide lights use far more energy to operate, which places a significant financial strain on your stadium. LED football floodlights are a bit pricey to buy, but they cost a lot less to operate.

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