How to win the international cricket stadium lighting project?Given the abundance of lighting contractors and competitors worldwide, winning a lighting project is never a simple endeavor. The purpose of this article is to show you how to be selected for a cricket stadium lighting project. In order to win the tender, we must first choose the best lighting equipment after thoroughly understanding the cricket stadium lighting regulations and needs. 

The greatest LED cricket stadium lights are designed and manufactured by Yibai LED Lighting

How can I get the finest lighting for an inexpensive cricket stadium? A reputable provider of sports illumination, Yibai LED Lighting provides low-cost, high-power LED stadium floodlights. It would be wise to switch to LED bulbs from metal halide, mercury vapor, high pressure sodium, or halogen lamps as they can save up to 80% to 90% of energy and have an extraordinary lifespan of 120,000 hours.

We provide a wide range of LED wattages from 50W to 6000W and beam angles from 15 to 90 degrees in order to assist you in winning and receiving the cricket pitch lighting projects and tenders. We can choose the ideal wattage and beam angle as a consequence, which will increase brightness and lighting uniformity. Our sports lighting engineers are glad to work with you to develop the best lighting plan for lighting a cricket field at the most affordable price. As a consequence, you will always have the best illumination to win the project and tenders for lighting cricket pitches.

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How can I win projects and bids for cricket field lighting?

Cricket is a highly competitive sport that demands exceptional physical and eye coordination, hence the quality of cricket lighting is essential to winning stadium lighting projects and bids. Cricket players perform better when they have a clearer line of sight, which is made possible by good lighting. To enhance the viewing experience for viewers and cameras, bright, high CRI lighting is also crucial.

What is the required level of brightness for cricket stadium lighting?

It is crucial to comprehend the lux lighting requirements for cricket stadiums so that we can keep our lighting projects more affordable. By not employing unnecessary high-wattage cricket field lights, we can reduce the entire project cost and ongoing operating expenses.

Level of competition

Cricket pitch

Cricket outfield

Lighting uniformity

Class I (International cricket stadium)

750 to 1500 lux or >2500 lux

500 to 750 lux

> 0.7

Class II (Regional cricket field, high school cricket ground, etc)

500 to 750 lux

300 to 500 lux

> 0.7

Class III (Recreational cricket ground or training pitch)

300 to 500 lux

200 to 300 lux

> 0.5

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The highest lighting standards are typically found at first-class cricket stadiums. The cricket ground requires illumination of up to 750 to 1500 lux, and the outfield requires 500 to 750 lux. It is crucial to have a very high brightness level while holding major cricket tournaments like the ICC. Cricket players and spectators can easily observe the quickly moving cricket ball as the camera takes the best possible video.

How are the light poles in a cricket field laid out?

As we can provide wide lighting throughout the cricket field, a 4 pole or 6 pole configuration is fairly common for recreational and high school cricket pitches. Purchasing 8 light poles is an additional choice. While lighting consistency may be improved, the price of the light poles may also rise, raising the overall cost of your project to light a cricket field.

In order to offer a high lighting uniformity solution for cricket players and televised cricket grounds, 6 or 8 light poles would be more suitable for a professional cricket stadium. As comparison to a 6-pole cricket field light pole layout, our research shows that an 8-pole layout can also lower spill light by more than 30%.

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Winning the lighting bid now requires having a basic understanding of the specifications for cricket field lighting. At the same time, we must pick the best lights that are sufficiently bright and reasonably priced. We can increase our profit margins because we don’t spend a lot of money. For further details and a free lighting design for a cricket stadium, get in touch with us.

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