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Project development

The technical and tender documents will be extensively examined by our teams with you at the very beginning of every project, or before it starts to thoroughly comprehend each project requirement, clarify any confusion, and spot possible problems before they arise.

While doing so, we will concentrate on every important factor, including but not limited to ROI, cost control, risk reduction, and project timeline. We will perform a thorough feasibility analysis taking into account these factors and help you discover the projects that are viable and will provide you with long-term benefits. In addition, our project advisory teams will offer more comprehensive perspectives to reduce potential risks and generate considerable value throughout the project development process.

Tailor Designs

Our engineers and designers will always work with you from the very beginning to the very end of every project to assess compliance and regulations, examine various situations where LED lighting will be placed, and do cost and pricing analysis.

Additionally, we will provide our first-rate lighting design services, such as layout planning, simulations, photometric analysis, and energy efficiency solutions, and we will try our hardest to meet the needs of each of your unique projects.

Our staff will continue to follow Yibai’s Lighting standards for efficiency & durability and will tailor designs that sufficiently handle your financial concerns while producing exceptional lighting outcomes, even if requirements can alter as your project develops.

Tailor Designs
Yibai LED Lighting Factory

Contract Manufacturing

Once we’ve helped you win the bids, we’ll start implementing several lighting technologies and production techniques to meet your demand for mass production in our 3000 m² scalable manufacturing base.

We will provide a full spectrum of contract manufacturing services, including prototype, modification, material selection, manufacturing, and quality control at every stage of the entire process as your capable turnkey manufacturing partner.

We will make it possible for you to offer premium lighting solutions for your partners without incurring any additional expenditures by utilizing our exceptional knowledge to develop contract manufacturing. As a result, we are able to assist you in reducing the risk of supply chain disruptions, guaranteeing the timely completion of your project, and maintaining a positive reputation within your sector.

Resources Integration

We are open to any potential business opportunities and take a flexible approach to project management. We can combine our resources and apply them wherever needed to meet your needs.

We can work together to create customized solutions for your project needs. For example, we can help you manage international shipping, set up local warehouse facilities, and manage warehousing operations. In addition, if you need funding for your lighting projects, we can offer financing through our financing pipelines.

Resources Integration

Service & Support

For more than 10 years, our after-sales service team has been providing customers around the world with efficient, fast, and reliable technical support. We are skilled at solving problems, whether they are small or large. Our staff can provide on-site technical support, repair and replacement shipments, software upgrades, and other assistance whenever you need it – whether your fixture is still under warranty or covered by a service contract.

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