RS485 Solution

The connectivity grid of the future

RS485 system architecture

  • RS485 communication, the total distance after increasing the transmission distance through the signal controller is up to 3km.
  • A signal controller can support 50~80 lamp controllers, and up to 5000 lamp controllers can be managed by a concentrator.
  • The lamp controller can control lighting fixtures such as sodium lamps, LED lamps, and ceramic metal halide lamps with power up to 400W.
  • It supports two dimming modes: PWM and 0-10V.
  • The data transmission rate is 256Kbps, which is suitable for places that require high communication speed and many interference factors, such as real-time dimming of tunnels.
  • Remote real time control and scheduled lighting by group or individual lamp, remote control on the power circuit.
  • The alarm on the power supply of the cabinet and lamp parameters.

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RS485 Solution
Lighting asset management (2)

How RS485 lighting control system works

Think of an RS485 smart lighting control system as a smart, responsive computer network that gives light. In general, Yibai’s RS485 control system connected lighting system consists of three main levels or layers: hardware installed in the illuminated space, software accessible via the cloud, and optional services from our company.

LED Smart Lighting 6 (2)


The RS485 lighting control system uses both lighting hardware and networking hardware. In illuminated spaces, connected LED luminaires, while sensors of various kinds collect data from the illuminated environment. Behind the scenes, lighting controllers and standard networking devices afford connectivity and integration.


The cloud-based platform serves the full range of software applications for lighting management, monitoring, and control. Collected data is stored in the cloud, along with analysis and visualization tools for turning data into insight.

Supports from Yibai Company

Professional, managed, and lifecycle services from Yibai LED lighting offers such aids as system audit and design, remote system management and maintenance, UV-C disinfection, and light as a service, where you buy the light, not the lighting.

Hardware-Melo series LED Street Light

  • Melo Series LED Street light is fully optimized to become your long-term lighting and innovation partner. Thanks to its future-proof system ready architecture, the use of optimized Lumileds LED and optical platform ensuring best in class lighting performance in a broad range of applications. It also offers improved serviceability.
  • The installation has also become easier and faster, also the cable feed-through has been redesigned and access to the gear components is easy thanks to top down tool-less access. 
  • Melo offers all connectivity and dimming options available today and thanks to being system ready, it can also be paired with lighting management systems such as Smart City or existing and upcoming sensor innovations. 
  • Melo has been developed to optimize and simplify spare part repair and maintenance work using a new plug & play module containing all electrical components in an easy to handle and accessible box inside the housing. 
  • As a company conscious about the impact of light on the environment and biodiversity, we also equipped the Melo family with dedicated light recipes that help with maintaining the optimal ecosystems for bats or preserve a dark night sky.

Melo series LED street light (1)

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Hardware-RS485 Concentrator

  • High-performance 32-bit industrial-grade based on ARM9 CPU as the microcontroller.
  • Using the high reliable platform for the application as an embedded Linux operating system.
  • Attached with a 10/100 m Ethernet interface, RS485 interface, USB interface, etc.
  • Support GPRS(2G) communication mode, and Ethernet remote communication methods and can be extended to 4G full network communication.
  • Upgrading local/remotely: serial port/USB disk, internet/GPRS.
  • Built-in smart meters to realize remote electric energy meter readings, at the same time, support remote electricity meter readings for the external meter.
  • The built-in high-performance RS485 communication module, achieves intelligent tunnel lighting control.
  • 4DO, 6DI (4 Switch IN+2AC IN).
  • Fully sealed enclosure, strong anti-interference ability, withstand high voltage, lightning, and high frequency signal interference.

PLC concentrator

A communication bridge between the server(2G/4G/Ethernet) and LCU(RS485). Built-in LCD display and smart meter, support 4 digital switches, update by OTA, 96-500VAC, 0.3W, IP54.

Hardware-RS485 Lamp Controller

  • RS485 communication.
  • Remote switch on/off, maximum internal 8A relay outputs.
  • With dimming interface: 0-10V and PWM.
  • With 40mm height, suitable for LED manufacturers.
  • With current, voltage, power, power factor, and electric energy remote reading functions.
  • Lighting time statistics, fault time statistics, energy accumulation remote reading.
  • With high-pressure gas discharge lamps, LED lamp failure detection function.
  • With high-pressure gas discharge lamp power & compensation capacitor damage detection.
  • With fault information inquiry report function.
  • Surge protection function.
  • IP67.

PLC lamp controller box type

A lamp controller linked with LED driver, communicate with RTU(RS485). Turn on/off, dimming(0-10V/DALI), data collection. Update by OTA, 176-242VAC, 0.2W, IP67.

Hardware-RS485 signal Controller

Signal control unit, linked between RTU and LCU for strengthen communication signal (RS485). 176-242VAC, 0.2W, IP67.

  • RS485 transmission, reliable and efficient.
  • Auto manage belonged lamps.
  • Waterproof: IP67.

PLC lamp controller box type

Software-Remote lighting management software

Remote smart street lighting management software and APP (4)

From 100 to 1.000.000 connected streetlights. From, 1.000.000 to an unlimited number of smart streetlight controllers in large urban agglomerations or geographically unconnected metropolises. YIBAI® StreetLight Control software is designed to efficiently manage any street lighting project, depending on your city’s particularities.

Remote smart street lighting management software and APP (1)

With YIBAI® StreetLight Control software, every user can focus on what’s important, rely on automation to get things done, and base any optimization decisions on a wealth of available data. Everything with a sleek, clean, efficient, and mobile-friendly design.

What can you do with RS485 smart control system?

Lighting asset management

Lighting asset management
  • Remotely monitor all street lighting assets from a comprehensive map-based dashboard
  • Automatic, data-rich fault notifications make outage scouting a thing of the past
  • Scale seamlessly with automatic commissioning via the cellular network

Energy optimization

Scene management
  • Manage the entirety of your street lighting through a single intuitive dashboard.
  • Turn lighting up in the event of a crime or accident, or in busy pedestrian areas.
  • Improve maintenance efficiency with automatic fault detection, immediately alerting you to any outages.

Scene management

Lighting asset management
  • Monitor energy consumption in individual luminaires, selected areas, or an entire city
  • Maximize energy efficiency with dimming schedules, constant light output, and other measures
  • Optimize street lights’ power factor to minimize waste and reduce demand on the power grid
Manage your city quickly and easily thanks to a RS485 Smart street lighting system​
Revitaliz urban areas fact
Revitaliz urban areas
street light scene management fact
Street light scene management
interact features prolong life span of energy grids fact
Interact features prolong life span of energy grids
smart dimming saves money fact
Smart dimming saves money
energy saving switching to led fact
Energy saving switching to led
lighting control enhances well being fact
Lighting control enhances well being
minimizing street lighting outages fact
Minimizing street lighting outages
data alerts reduce cost fact
Data alerts reduce cost
automatic data fault notification fact
Automatic data fault notification


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