Roadway lighting

Intelligent lighting control system can realize wireless remote light switch operation, automatic or manual intervention remote infinitely dimming energy saving, and has flexible and variable grouping mode, rich data collection, fault alarm information and other functions, the docking of intelligent lighting monitoring system and lighting equipment will be the best solution for lighting energy saving management.

Roaway lighting
Bridge lighting

For the special characteristics of the bridge environment, such as the use of manual control and maintenance workload is undoubtedly huge, so the intelligent lighting control system designed by Yibai Intelligent Control remotely grasps the operation status of lighting equipment in real time through the monitoring centre, which not only improves the level of lighting management, but also reduces the cost of operation and maintenance. The system is based on high performance power carrier communication technology and can be controlled without changing the original power lines.

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Tunnel lighting

Intelligent lighting control system based on high-performance communication technology, conducive to lighting control in the special environment of the tunnel lights, remote supervision of the working state of the tunnel lighting equipment, such as: light on/off situation, to ensure the safe operation of the tunnel, and the use of sensor technology to determine the traffic flow conditions and determine the proportion of light or dimming control.

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Landscape lighting

Landscape lighting scene control as the main form of expression, according to the different lighting subject, for weekdays, weekends, ordinary holidays, major holidays and other special events, to create a special effect with a variety of lighting colours, so that the night lighting performance is more rich.

Port lighting

Intelligent lighting control system for ports, yards and other places using high-powered lighting to provide the best directional lighting requirements, the system focuses on the single light control and operation area linkage to ensure the best directional lighting, both to ensure the best working illumination, but also reliable, low input to achieve energy saving.

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Building lighting

The system can be subdivided according to different occasions, different flows of people, time periods and working modes, turning off unnecessary lighting and turning it on automatically when needed. Through the combination of dimming technology, control technology, not only for the building to create the perfect lighting scene, reduce labour costs, improve management “soft power”, but also to reduce human negligence caused by the waste of electricity.

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Area lighting

Intelligent lighting control systems can be effectively used in public lighting management areas such as car parks, communities, schools, stadiums, etc. In these small areas the system is simple, convenient, intuitive and can easily achieve the needs of intelligent lighting management with low cost investment.

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