The greatest cricket ground lighting may be something we want to consider while creating lighting projects and bids. The fact is that each cricket pitch has different lighting needs, making it difficult to choose the appropriate lighting for a stadium. We must satisfy the stadium owner’s requirements for brightness, homogeneity, color temperature, and other factors. We’ve tried to explain to you in this post the best method for selecting floodlights for your cricket ground, as well as some purchase advice, to save you time and work.

What kind of lighting is ideal for a cricket field?

We must first learn how to call the cricket field illumination. Because we can call them cricket stadium lights, cricket pitch floodlights, cricket field spotlights, and other names, it is actually not as tough as you might imagine. Floodlights are the ideal sort of lighting for a cricket pitch since they have the power to illuminate the entire area. The cricket stadium can be readily flood lit with high power floodlights, such as 400 watts to 1500 watt stadium lights, providing even illumination for the players and spectators.

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Energy-efficient lighting should be used in cricket stadiums

Energy efficiency is the fundamental prerequisite for the best cricket stadium lights. Because of its high energy economy, LED is a wise choice. Unbelievably, LEDs are 8–10 times more energy efficient than conventional lighting options like mercury vapor, halogen, or metal halide stadium lights.

Stadium lights for cricket can be dimmed

Because LED enables intelligent control, DMX, DALI, or 0 to 10V dimming, we can easily regulate the brightness of cricket lights, making it the greatest cricket ground light. Further lowering the operation and maintenance costs is possible by integrating the pitch light with intelligent control system. We can easily turn the lights down for practice while keeping them on full during cricket matches. More lighting control flexibility is possible with LED lights.

Cricket field lighting with high color rendering is preferable.

To display the genuine colors of the cricket pitch and the cricket ball, the finest cricket field lights should have a color rendering of 85 or above. Cricket players’ visual experience is also enhanced by high color rendering lights, which create a background with a stark contrast.

Cricket games with flicker-free lighting

We should employ the best flicker-free design lighting for international cricket matches like the ICC to prevent flicker on HDTV. Due to their distinct functioning principles, metal halide and fluorescent cricket ground lights are more likely to flicker under the camera. Under slow-motion cameras, flicker will be extremely obvious.

The LED cricket field lights from Yibai LED Lighting are made exclusively for slow-motion video and HDTV or 4KTV broadcasting. As a result, we do not need to be concerned about the flicker issue.

The importance of outdoor sports field lighting

Waterproof lighting for cricket fields

A decent lighting system for a cricket stadium must to be weather-resistant and waterproof. The finest cricket pitch lights should be at least IP66 waterproof because the majority of cricket fields are entirely outside. We must make sure that even in severe rain, the lighting on the cricket field will remain functional.

According to our experience, if the cricket stadium is close to a shore, corrosion-resistant stadium lights are even preferable because seawater fog can harm the lights if they are not specifically treated. For further information about cricket stadium lighting, please get in touch with our sales and engineers.

The greatest stadium lights use a passive cooling system

To protect the lights, the best cricket lights must to have a great cooling system. Unbelievably, extreme heat might harm the lights since it may shorten the lifespan of the electronic components inside the LED chips, lowering their brightness and lifespan.

We created a patented cooling system with a unique fin configuration to combat the heat produced inside the LED stadium lights. Most importantly, it does not have a cooling fan and offers a big surface area for heat dispersion. As we might not be able to tell whether the cooling is malfunctioning, an active cooling system is not ideal. But, we cannot solely rely on fans.

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How long do cricket fields stay lit?

The lifespan of the floodlights in the cricket stadium is another crucial issue to take into account. The lifespan of the best LED lighting fixtures should be between 80,000 and 120,000 hours. This indicates that after 80,000 to 120,000 hours of use, the lumen output of the cricket stadium lights won’t diminish appreciably. This is due to the fact that we are not concerned with lighting fixture maintenance or replacement costs.

Our LED cricket field lights have an estimated 35-year lifespan. We can lower ongoing maintenance expenses by using a stadium light with an exceptionally extended life.

If we compare the lifespan to that of other HID lights, we can anticipate HPS and LPS to last 15,000 to 25,000 hours compared to halogen lights’ 8,000 to 10,000 hours. LED will therefore be the ideal option for cricket field lighting.

A cricket light’s best optical technology

A lighting company called Yibai LED Lighting specializes in offering high-powered stadium lights for every sporting event. Our committed team of lighting experts works hard to maintain the high caliber of our sports lighting fixtures.

In order to increase the luminous efficiency and lifespan of LED flame lights, we have created Asymmetric Precision Optical Control (APOC) technology for stadium lights, which comprises a unique state-of-the-art secondary LED optical design. Also, our APOC technology decreases flicker and glare by 70-80% so that cricket players may enjoy the sport.

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