Urban roadways are always outlined with lots of LED street lights. If observing very carefully it is very easy to get that LED street light is not as brilliant as they were at the beginning after working for a couple of months. Why did it come out to this?

It is what we actually called lumens depreciation. After the LED street lights are installed and lit up for a long time, their luminous intensity will certainly become less than the initial value. The point is nearly every LED lighting fixture you can figure out will certainly come to this phenomenon, not even the LED street lights. The luminous intensity decrease of LED roadway light is caused by the depletion of light in transmission. If someone informs you they can provide you with led street lights that lumens depreciation never ever happens, it is definitely a lie. As a matter of fact, almost all LED street lights on the market have a similar problem with lumens decay, just difference is the depreciation level.

How to differentiate which led street light has outstanding anti-decay efficiency? The depreciation curve would certainly be an aesthetic method for reference. In the picture below, the lumen depreciation of the tested led street light from YIBAI LED LIGHTING is lower compared to a typical product on the current market, which means our product certainly has much better efficiency than lots of led roadway lighting fixtures with other brands. As to High-power LED street lights, there remains a lumens depreciation problem.

What lead to the depreciation of LED street lights? 

The most significant factor of lumens depreciation is the temperature of the LED. If the heat dissipation design of the led street light is not so great, or the working temperature of the LED is too high, the lumens depreciation will certainly achieve an extremely rapid increase. As lots of led street lights on the market are equipped with multiple led chips, when developing led roadway lights it is very important to take the heat dissipation into consideration, as well as the LED array range, the building material of luminaires housing, etc.

The top quality of the led chip

Light originates from the led chip. Top-quality led chip not just sorts out the light human beings need to get, but moreover avoids lumens depreciation.

The fluorescent powder of the led chip, and the packaging techniques of the led chip

As known to all, lots of led light manufacturers choose various led chips to fulfill the different color demands. Regarding the CCT of LED street lights, the mainstream technology is that painting the led with a specific percentage of fluorescent powder can lead to a different color. So the Fluorescent powder packaging technology of led is also associated with lumens depreciation.


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Generally speaking, there are three leading factors of lumens depreciation on LED roadway lights.
  • The thermal resistance of LED chip.
  • The glue used in the LED chip.
  • Heat dissipation design of luminaire housing.

Lots of aspects are affecting lumens depreciation, however, the temperature is the vital aspect. Plenty of LED roadway light manufacturers do not care about the heat dissipation of their products, so they can give you a very low price.

But we at YIBAI LED LIGHTING keep an eye on heat dissipation in our product’s long-last use. By choosing top-quality LED chips, and making a good heat dissipation design, we can minimize LED roadway light lumens to decrease. Our unique design of luminaire housing has actually well hit the heat dissipation requirements of LED street lights. The streamlined housing of the MELO Series LED street light not only can enhance the function of wind resistance but also improve heat transmission efficiency. Even more, there we design an air vent to balance the atmospheric pressure in the housing. Using double-design of heat dissipation management perfectly, the temperature is under good control, and afterward, we minimize the lumens decay on our products.

For any questions or needs on LED street lighting, please feel free to contact us via [email protected], YIBAI LED LIGHTING, high-quality LED lights with a professional engineer team that will reply to you ASAP!


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