About YIBAI LED LIGHTING, our company mainly focuses on the Europe & North American market, the main product includes LED high bays, low bays, canopy lights, shoebox lights, wall packs, gas station lights, lamp accessories, and LED modules, etc…as a leader in manufacturing and marketing of LED lighting. For providing a high-quality manufacturing environment and professional lighting assembly, we introduced many SMT automated production lines & advanced equipment and have the ability to do OEM/ODM orders. 

So, what sets us YIBAI LED LIGHTING apart from the competition?

1. Light Source Match

Applied with the eutectic welding technique, we can effectively increase the thermal conductivity coefficient and decrease the damage arising from the mismatch of the thermal expansion coefficient. With the unique phosphor formula, the light conversion efficiency is 10% higher than the normal formula in the current market. Based on the understanding of the key issues of illumination application, we strictly control the CT conformity for the LED chips of the same batch. According to the customers’ request, we can ensure the accuracy of the same batch falls within 5%, and color coordinate drift within 0.01.

2. Light Distribution

The final value of lighting products is to meet visional requirements, which can be realized by the core technology-light distribution. Gathering with many talents in lighting application who have a profound understanding of distribution requirements for various applications; cooperating with some agencies such as Tsinghua University; based on the technology of digital optical module, YIBAI developed abundant and accurate Transmission Type distribution system, which complies with IES standard and can meet with the requirements of almost all lighting application areas. Up to now, this technology takes the lead in the world and fills a gap in the field of light distribution of LED lighting products.

3. Thermal management

The basic target of thermal management is to improve light efficiency and prolong lamps’ lifespan. Applied with an improved eutectic welding technique, the heat of the chip can be effectively conducted out. Represented by Tsinghua University Integrated Optoelectronics National Key Lab, agencies and institutions specially design thermal analysis models for YIBAI, which make the perfect thermal design of YIBAI lighting products and ensure a long lifespan of lamps. The lifespan of the YIBAI street light can reach 100,000 hours according to the site testing report from CEPREI, which is the first lifespan report tested by a third party in China.

4. Driver

As an outdoor luminaire, the reliability of the drive circuit is essential. From the beginning, YIBAI LED LIGHTING sets the strict standard for enduring severe environments, whether in material, design, testing, etc. For example, normal factories adopt -20 to +40, 90% humidity, but we use -35℃ to +55℃ for complete immersion. We have mastered relative technologies including ultra-low temperature start-up, lowering thermal resistance of electronic parts, vacuuming waterproof glue, etc. As for surge protection methods, YIBAI has incomparably rich experiences and more advanced technology. By specific analysis and precise testing, YIBAI has improved the electronic circuit and the structure of the LED module to increase induction anti-thunder protection to over more than 20KV/20KA.


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5. Mass production

As one of the largest scale bases in semiconductor lighting R&D and manufacturer in Asia, YIBAI realized “Manufacture, Teaching, Research” alliance with Tsinghua University to set up YIBAI LED Illumination Technology Research Institute and Guangdong LED Lumination Technology &Application Center, then a complete LED industry chain with the total area of nearly 20,000 M2 forms including UL standard testing laboratory, LED packaging factory, light assembly factory, decorative lighting factory, etc.

6. Smart control system

For lamps’ intelligent management, YIBAI LED LIGHTING independently develop a remote wireless controlling system with a national utility patent, which can realize lamps’ dimming control and detecting operation status.

7. Severe Aging Test

Besides strict control in production design, YIBAI makes severe aging procedures for all produced lamps, including normal 96 hrs aging tests and 24 hrs waterproof tests. In addition, we carry out special aging tests in severe conditions, including ultra-low temperature, ultra-high temperature, without convection, overflowing, etc. testing and proving are penetrated through the whole processes of production and application in which YIBAI unprecedentedly invested in testing equipment, testing technicians, testing items, testing time span & frequency, etc.

Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in our products and hope we could cooperate with each other and create a bright future for our business. For more information about YIBAI LED lighting solutions including IES files, Dialux simulation reports, and technical datasheets, just email to [email protected]


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