YIBAI Wind & solar street lighting system is completely powered by wind and solar energy without a grid connection. This system can realize reasonable configuration of system capacity according to users’ electricity load and local resources conditions, which not only ensures the reliability of system, but also lower the cost of EPGS. The advantage of both wind and solar energy combined, energy generated could be transformed into electricity and then accumulated in the battery. Meanwhile, the intelligent controller could switch on/off automatically by induction to the variation of external rays, manual operation unnecessary. For any environment and electricity requirements, YIBAI LED LIGHTING can provide optimizing system design solutions accordingly.

System composition

Wind turbine generator, solar panel, Battery, LED street light, wind & solar controller (inverter), pole, cables andaccessories.

System  consumption40W50W80W90W120W150W
ApplicationCountry  roadCountry  roadCollector  roadCollector  roadMajor  roadMajor  road
PV  Array80W120W150W200W250W340W
Wind  generator300-400W300-400W400-600W400-600W600-800W600-800W
Storage  battery150AH200AH150AH150AH230AH250AH
Control  system10A/12V10A/12V10A/24V10A/24V20A/24V20A/24V
Daily  working  time
(energy  saving mode)
10 Hrs10 Hrs10 Hrs10 Hrs10 Hrs10 Hrs

Note: above data used only in rich wind and sun region, different configuration for different region accordingly.

Wind Solar hybrid street lighting system (3)
Wind & Solar Hybrid Street Lighting System Features
  • Energy saving and emission reduction, without great expenditure in later electricity.
  • Cable pavement is unnecessary, no need construction of an electricity facility.
  • Individual damage does not influence the operation of the whole system, normally working in large-scale blackouts.
  • Intelligent control, without manual operation, simple construction, easy maintenance.

In the past 10 years, YIBAI has delivered world-class industrial lighting products & Roadway LED lighting fixtures all over the world. For any questions or need on LED lighting fixtures, please feel free to contact us via [email protected], YIBAI LED LIGHTING, high-quality LED lights with a professional engineer team that will support you ASAP!


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