After the first phase of Luzetai Expressway was officially opened to traffic, 3,436 functional lighting and 36,800 sets of landscape lighting fixtures built by Guangdong Yibai Optotech Co.,Ltd were successfully powered on. Nine towns including the Jiaojiang District, Luqiao District, and Wenling City along the line were all lit up, escorting the safe passage of citizens every night in the future.

The Luzetai Expressway, carrying 6.15 million Taizhou people’s high expectations for 1,460 days and nights, was officially opened to traffic at 18:00 on December 28. The 21-kilometer-long Luzetai Expressway is a key project in Zhejiang Province, including a 17.5-kilometer viaduct. It is currently the longest steel structure bridge in China. From Taizhou City to Wenling, it will be shortened from 1 hour to 15 minutes, and the speed will be increased by nearly 4 times.

The newly installed LED street lights on Luzetai Expressway are designed in accordance with the standards and concepts of the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge. YIBAI provides all of the lamps and intelligent control systems. Compared with ordinary street lights, the Melo LED street lights have an arc-shaped appearance, which can withstand 3G vibration, large temperature differences, and harsh environments such as typhoons and thunderstorms. Every lighting in the whole line has undergone careful design and safety debugging.

Yibai successfully lit up the Luzetai Expressway

In order to improve the overall visual effect and provide citizens with the most comfortable and safe driving experience, the construction team conducted joint discussions with manufacturers, lighting designers, and other parties to further optimize the overall structure of the lighting system. And distribute the installation positions of lamps and landscape lighting lamps scientifically.

The main line of the project is 21 kilometers long. Traditional street lights have shortcomings such as serious energy waste, lack of active fault alarm mechanisms, and a single management form. By adopting the smart management platform, this project establishes an intelligent lighting comprehensive supervision platform with high efficiency, energy-saving, intelligent management, stability and reliability, and flexible configuration, so as to realize the refined control and diversified information presentation of the lighting facilities of the entire road section.

Based on the Internet of Things technology, with the control center as the core, the terminal controller as the focus, and the communication equipment and network as the link, YIBAI’s smart control system perfectly integrates a wireless communication network, computer control system, Internet of Things technology, and geographic information system technology. Besides, the programmatic, modular, networked YIBAI Intelligent Control City Lighting and Intelligent Management Cloud System, guaranteed by computer technology, can effectively manage the operation of the landscape lighting system and lighten the overall lighting facilities reasonably and appropriately.

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